How Does The Agency Ensure Diversity For The Recruiting Process?

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How does the agency ensure diversity in the recruiting process?
The FBI has a serious commitment to ensure diversity and inclusiveness of all races, genders, and cultures. To ensure that the agency commitment is being fulfilled, the agency track the successes of their diversity initiatives (Hartmann,2002). The particular initiatives includes; providing EEO-related training, such as cultural diversity, to every employees.
As well as monitors and reporting employment practices, such as their hiring/selection process, that may adversely impact any employee or group. In addition to, establishing special emphasis programs, to identify issues and concerns that relate to various groups, and to establish goals and objectives to resolve problems (Hartmann,2002).
Since the lack of diversity has lacked in many law enforcement agencies. However, since the FBI has such a stringent application requirements the agency has several obstacles it has to overcome to attract and hiring qualified candidates that are diverse (Cunningham,2003). To help combat this issue, the agency has reached out to college aged minority groups.
By utilizing this new recruitment method, the agency has been able to close the wide gap of reaching a minority audience. Out of 11,777 special agents, 620 are African American and 20 percent of the employees are female (Cunningham,2003). Overall, minorities make up 16.6 percent of the FBI 's agents, most of whom fill support roles rather than field duties.
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