How Does Technology Affect Literacy

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Technology has also affected the way we learn, read and write. Introduction of new technologies certainly resulted in an evolution of our literacy, for both good and bad. The provision of new technologies through search engines like Google and Yahoo has increased the convenience and speed which we can get the information that we need. Simply by the click of a button, pages after pages of search results would appear in the search engine within seconds. However, with the immense amount of information presented, it could actually be harder for one to extract the data most relevant to them.(example). Furthermore, technology presents to us the option of reading newspaper digitally. While the convenience of being able to read a digital newspaper on the go might …show more content…
Next, technology changes the way we write. More often than not, technologies are developed with the aim of making things easier and convenient for us. With that, the way we type are interconnected to the way technologies are being developed. As the use of social media and instant messages are becoming more and more prevalent, there is an increasing tendency for one to use short form when trying to bring their message across in the shortest, simplest and fastest way. However, such scenario will be detrimental to our writing abilities, as we use short and improper words in our typing coupled with the frequent help of autocorrect, our ability to write correctly on our own might be adversely affected.(example). Hence, the use of technology can certainly aid our literacy by providing a great wealth of information in the fastest manner, yet it is only if we are able to mitigate the adverse effects brought about by technology on our literacy, can we reap the full benefits of the advancement of

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