How Does Schooling Affect One 's Success Essay

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1. How does schooling affect one’s success in life?

 Schooling is the major factor to bring success in one’s life as it is the main path for acquiring the formal education. Basically, education is the manifestation of perfection already in humans. Generally, schooling education uplifts the social status of people and it is the gateway for university education and higher education offers the chances of job, income and promotion facilities. Moreover, it imparts our practical knowledge. For e.g. if we can calculate the interest rates, we can easily handle our bank account, start business of our own. Similarly, schooling education also teaches us practical application of knowledge.

There is a deep relation between democracy, education and individual. If people have access to school education, they are better in their rational behavior, thinking and democracy will also acquire values and norms. Educated citizens can judge the policy and policy makers, even though they cannot originate policy themselves. They can fight against injustice and protect democracy for their favor. They can even pressurize the government and the responsible parties for formulating and implementing the rules and regulations needed for the overall development of the country. Thus, schooling education overall teaches the students the immortal values, link between democracy and higher education, individual’s place in the universe etc.

2. What are some of the challenges that you have encountered in your…

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