Growing Up To Money Research Paper

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Growing up I was naïve to money I had no idea the effects it had on everyday life. Recently I have become very aware of money and the problems that come with it. My parents are incredibly hard working and have truly earned everything they have today and I am so grateful to be in a financially secure situation. But the problem is not the money, it’s the people who have the money and when greed takes over people’s lives. For the past year money has driven my family apart. My grandparents on my dad side are very well off, this has always caused tension with my dad and his parents. We always make jokes about how my dad escaped Iowa where he was from and made went to college in new Orleans with my mom but my dad’s brother stayed in Iowa and really …show more content…
Arriving to the airport my grandparents picked us up to head to their house where the rest of the family all lived too. We were greeted with welcoming arms and smiles, maybe this trip would not be that bad I asked myself. This trip was going great it was fun seeing the family until that night around dinner time. It was the night we celebrated my grandmother’s birthday everyone was sitting around the cake but when we started to sing happy birthday my cousins of course found it their job to ruin the evening. The started fighting about how the cake was going to be cut then the whole family started yelling about absolutely nothing, I got up and left. A little bit later into the night we gathered in the kitchen to talk it was my aunt and two cousins in the kitchen with me, I could feel myself getting uneasy. My aunt started rambling about how the kitchen was nowhere near being done with renovations and how she having to wait to do the next project. Then the most disgusting thing I have ever heard my aunt say “when mom and dad die I can get a new counter top,” seriously you would rather have a new counter top then my grandparents alive? What the

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