Essay on How Does Make A Good Song

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To make a good song, one has to to have many different components. These parts are not all pulled together on the first try, it takes time to develop and create the song to get to the end one envisions it to be. People grow and mature like songs; most find themselves maturing like a classic song in high school. High school is one of the pivotal moments in a person’s life. Many often grow and strengthen their morals and behaviors that they will use for the rest of their life. It can also help develop and expand people 's personalities and reach their full potential. This process is mandatory for maturing, and it also appears in the patterns that musicians make when they compose their songs. I feel my life can be compared to many songs not only through words, but through the rhythms and dynamics of a composition. The constant flow of the moving notes, the soft and loud dynamics, and the raw emotions being conveyed throughout a piece of art is reflected on how we carry ourselves and interact with each other. I can not tell you how songs are made and how they relate to the mental growing of the average human being, but I can can tell you how the process of listening to a song is like my high school experience at Liberty-Benton. Many think that the introduction to a song shows how the rest of the song may end up going or sounding like, but in some cases that is not true. The sense of mystery and an air of passion may be all that is conveyed in the first few seconds while the…

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