How Does Magazine Affect Body Image

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Magazines are perhaps one of the most influential and ideal articles a girl can come across by. Writers and editors that develop magazines earn up to thousands of dollars and constantly spend over time to develop the latest trends, along with great tips on how to bargain your dollar. Magazines tend to have the most celebrity gossip and best tips when it comes to buying makeup. However despite all the beauty tips and entertaining gossip, magazines are negatively affecting women’s view point on body perspective.
Though editors along with fashion designers display skinny models to make there fashion/magazines more alluring, in reality are not only displaying their retail but are also influencing standards on body image. I haven’t bought a single
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These health issues are not only threatening but can also be fatal. Osteoporosis and seizures lead to brittle bones and heart attacks, while irregular heart rhythms can as well lead to cardiac arrest which makes life expectancy unpredictable. All due to the influences of magazines. Not only does it risk the individual’s life but it may also affect a generation to come. Studies shown by genetic researchers found that eating disorders have a substantial heredity basis which can put unborn children at risk of developing an eating disorder. Although magazine and ad publishers claim "People don’t want to buy a magazine like Vogue to see what they see when they look in the mirror. They can do that for free" says Shulman, who has edited Vogue since 1992. These publishers obviously don’t care about the women there affecting nor do they realize the responsibility that they carry is highly prioritized by many young girls. In conclusion magazines have mentally and physically corrupted the minds of many women and adolescent girls. Regardless of the perks that magazines carry, that should not give them the right to endanger the lives of young innocent ladies just to make a $1.99 magazine/ads more alluring. What magazines should impose is normal sized women which is most impactful just as bone thin models, because it is not the size that matters it is the

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