How Does Madame Loisel Change In The Necklace

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Madame Loisel is the protagonist to the 1884 short story by Guy de Maupassant. In this essay I will be analyzing Mrs. Loisel character from the beginning and through the story to find it’s abundant change. I will provide text evidence and my final opinion on how Madame Loisel’s character acted in that moment to the story. Enough explaining now it is time to officially begin my character analysis of Madame Loisel.
In the beginning, The author develops characterization in Madame Loisel by showing her to be a selfish, needy person. He does this by using the character’s actions towards her husband. For example, “I’m utterly miserable at not having any jewels, not a single stone, to wear. I shall look absolutely no one.” These words portray the character as being miserable for not having jewels for the formal ball. A friend by the name of Madame Forestier allows Losiel to borrow the necklace for the ball. Mrs. Loisel seemed very needy and ungrateful at this moment of the story , seeing how she was given a dress from her husband. Maupassant contrasts Mrs. Loisel with Mr. Loisel to show the differences in their character. Although she acts very cruel towards her husband, at times she can be very kind.
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Loisel character by showing her behavior after she has lost the necklace. An example of this can be, “I have...I have...I no longer have Madame Forestier’s necklace.” This quote presents the moment when Madame Loisel first relizes that the necklace is missing. I also presents the disbelief in her voice. Her husband betrays their steps to find the necklace. After this fails they then try to replace the necklace. For the first time In my eyes Madame Loisel showed a vulnerable side. This event really opened Madame Loisel eyes to seeing that the luxury life wasn't something that she needed or wanted anymore in her

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