Essay on How Does Image Recall Based On The Type Of Test?

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From kindergarten to higher education, a student is presented with many different formats of tests. As a result, students may find themselves being more successful on different formats then others simply based on their test-taking abilities. But what kind of test is the most reliable, beneficial, and yields the highest accuracy rate? This paper illustrates the influence on image recall based on the type of test question presented. Simplistic clipart images were used in order to test college student’s memory, along with the influence of various formatting of test questions, age, and major. True/false, short answer, multiple choice, and a recognition test were studied to determine which would receive the most accurate response rate. True/false format was found to have the most accurate response rate where multiple choice was found to be the second best, and short answer questions were found to have the lowest accuracy.
Keywords: true/false, multiple choice, short answer, memory, recall

Response Accuracy Based on Test Format
Often heavily debated on, specifically in an educational setting, is the technique and style in which students are tested. Whether it is multiple choice, true or false, or short answer responses, test takers may respond differently due to certain correlations between the way they are tested, and the way they learn and take tests in general. Using different types of questions for tests has each of their own benefits as well as drawbacks.…

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