Essay on How Does Cancer And Edc Exposure Affect Health And Lives?

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In Unicellular organisms, the single cell constituting the organism functions independently and carries out all the functions needed for the survival of such organisms. However, for multicellular organisms, the cells are often independent and carry out specific functions and work together in order to sustain the needs for the organism to survive (Calabresi, 2008). Cancer and EDC exposure can cause many health issues for both the male and female population, as in developmental issues, to cancers as they age. How society progresses and change from what we use every day to what we eat, it can be seen the effects of how things around oneself can effect health and lives.
(Calabresi, 2008) further points out that multicellular organisms have a five-step organization of its composition that starts from the cells that forms the basic unit of its structure, a combination of the cells makes up tissues that are similar in structures. Further combinations of tissues from the organ systems in which the human body is made up of eleven organic systems. The organic systems makes up the organisms that are the entire living things than possess the ability to carry out all the essential processes required such as complete metabolism.
Cancer is to a type of disease in which abnormal cells in the body of an organism divide spontaneously and can evade other tissues of the organism. The cancer cells can then extend to other parts of the particular organism via the lymph and blood system. There…

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