Essay on Cancer Awareness And Funding For Cancer

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Cancer Awareness and Funding

Thesis: Cancer awareness plays an important and critical role in increasing funding for cancer


I. What is Cancer?

A. Cancer is a disease where cells become abnormal and grow uncontrollably

B. Cancer can form anywhere in the body

C. Cancer cells form in one place causing a tumor which destroy normal body cells

III. Types of Cancer

A. Malignant and benign cancer cells

B. There are over 200 types of cancer

C. Types are classified by the area of the body in which it begins

D. Cancer can grow at different rates and can spread

IV. Stages and Treatment

A. There are four stages of cancer

B. It is unknown what causes cancer

C. Surgery, chemotherapy and radiation are the usual types of treatments offered.

V. Incidences and Mortality Rates

A. For men, prostate cancer, colon-rectal, and melanoma are the top three cancers.

B. For women, breast, uterine and colon-rectum cancer are the top three cancers

C. For 2016, breast, lung and bronchial and prostate are three most common.

VI. Awareness leads to overall health and understanding of the disease

A. Awareness helps inform people of risk factors and helps promote healthy lifestyles

1. Smoking increases risk for lung cancer

B. Prevention and early detection plays a major role in fighting early stages of the


1. Men can have regular prostate exams

2. Women can perform regular self breast exams

3. Regular screenings like…

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