Does Autism Affect People's Daily Lives?

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Does Autism Really Affect People 's Daily Lives?

What is Autism? Autism is a mental condition,which symptoms appear in early childhood. Autism affects the brain by making it difficult to communicate, and forming relationships with others. Autism affects the daily lives of many, but most people don 't realize how much it actually affects people. It is time that people are more aware about autism and the seriousness of it. Autism affects thousands of lives and most people don 't even realize it, autism also affects people of all age groups, and I also believe that there are a lot of misconceptions about autism that should be cleared up.

A lot of people have autism. Autism affects all ages of people; old, young, teens, and
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People think that autism is caused by different things, some say it was bad parenting, some say vaccines, but the truth is, they don’t know what exactly causes autism. Autism is scaled on the Autism Spectrum Disorder, this is a scale that all severities of autism are “rated” on. Depending on where a person is on the scale, depends on their actions, emotions, mind set, and more. But it is all autism, and no matter where you are on that scale, life isn 't going to be easy, even life without autism is difficult as it is, can you even imagine what it is like to have a mental condition too? Some people also have misconceptions that autism isn 't a serious condition that actual people with actual lives have to deal with. Some people think that autism is funny, even funny enough to make jokes about. Some people think that just because they don 't have a family member or friend that has autism, they can make jokes and talk trash about people with autism. But little do they know that it is a serious condition that hurts relationships, families, it destroys lives and people’s mental health. People without autism don 't realize how easy their life is. They don 't appreciate their “normal” lifestyle. And it is just sad that they have to go through life, unappreciative. People don 't realize that these jokes are hurting other people. And it is time for it to end. It is time for people to stop the cruel jokes, and make a difference, next time you see someone being bullied, whether they have autism or not, say something, don’t be a bystander, because you don 't know what they are going

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