How Does Advertising Work? Essay

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How Does Advertising Work?
Advertisements are found everywhere that you can think of: tv, magazines, newspapers, radio, on the internet, etc.. Although, advertising is becoming more prevalent and more common - but some people believe that advertising also changed our society. It plays an important role in today 's society. Advertisers utilize both rhetoric and psychology in their advertisement, which manipulate customers thought, and impacts their emotions in order to convince them to buy their product.
As we know, advertisements almost everywhere all over the world, especially in the United States. Advertising is a marketing strategy used by businesses not only to inform, but also to persuade. In International Journal of Business and Social Science, The Impact of Visual and Verbal Rhetoric in Advertising on Mental Imagery and Recall by Nabil Mzoughi and Samar Abdelhak. They explain about “ the rhetoric known as the art of feigned speech, has always been considered as the basis of the study of persuasion through verbal discourse. It is henceforth used as an element that could explain the manner in which the consumer interprets advertising images” (Mzoughi & Abdelhak). It 's basically saying that what is the meaning of rhetoric and how it is used in advertising. Advertisers use rhetoric as a key to hook customers to buy their products. In Robert Rosenthal’s essay “ 5 Psychological Tactics Marketers Use To Influence Consumer Behavior” he explains how advertisers use…

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