How Do We Learn What We Know? Essay

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How do we learn what we know? A variety of approaches are used by researches to gain knowledge about habits and psychological processes. One of the five approaches used by psychologists is correlation. Correlations provide data that enables psychologists to answer questions that have not been answered before.
Correlation method is defined as “A research method used to examine relationships between variables, which are expressed in the form of a statistical measure called a correlation coefficients” (Nevid,201,p24). Unlike an experiment where one variable is dependent and the other is independent, both variables in a correlation remain constant. For each correlation, there are two or more variables. These variables can have a positive, negative or no relationship at all. An example of a correlation is larger the book, the more words it contains. Larger books tend to have more words than smaller books, but not every book is larger because of words. There could be graphs, pictures, or even larger print in the larger books. The finding of a relationship by is not causation. According to, causation is “The act or process of causing something to happen or exist.” The example from above tells us that larger books do not always consist of more words than smaller books. Therefore, there is no causation between larger books and more words and it is just a correlation.
A correlation coefficient is defined as “a statistical measure of association between two…

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