How Do Values Develop And Change? Essay

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Introduction: Values are basically a person’s principles or set of the rules that defines a person’s behavior or standard. Such values include our ethics, morals or other code of standards and principles.
How do values develop and change?
Development and change of values is a life long process that keeps on taking place through out your entire life. People are not born with having particular values. Mostly values develop through the the experiences and situations in life.
Being more particular, values develop through:
Brought ups: When we are in our growing stage round about 7years or before, it is actually really tender age and we tend to absorb everything so quickly and accept everything as true. Mostly, at this stage we are highly influenced by our parents and we adopt/develop all the values that we see our parents prioritize.
Environments and people around us: Often we adopt few moral and other values by our other loved ones who are part of our lives. As between the age of eight and thirteen or onwards, we copy people around us, we copy their values and other life styles. Often we get impressed by our role models, our teachers, often religion and then we shape our values according to that as well. Education: Education plays an important role in development of our moral and personal values specially. We developed a lot of our own personal values because of our educational experiences. Education enables us to question things and differentiate between right…

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