How Do Applications Support Organizational Business Process? Essay examples

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1) How do applications support organizational business process? Organizations are constantly looking for ways to improve and streamline business practices/processes. Through the use of applications organization are able to collect data that can be used to effectively. By investing in application software, organizations can automate business processes while enabling business procedures that may not otherwise be possible (Valacich et al, p.102).
3) Describe the different types of computers and their key distinguishing characteristics The following list outlines the five general classes of computers (Valacich et al, p.105).
• Supercomputers: are the most expensive costing approximately $1 million, are the most powerful using 5,000 or more GB, and are mostly used for scientific research
• Mainframe: are very large, have up to 3,000 GB of memory and are primarily used for transaction processing
• Server: small in nature, has up to 512 GB of memory and are used to provide access to databases, applications, files, and websites
• Workstation: designed for single users, use up to 512 GB of memory, are normally used by persons in the medical, animation, engineering fields, etc…
• Personal Computers: designed for a single user, holds up to 16 GB of memory, and is used mostly for personal productivity

4) Describe the key functions of system software System Software is designed to control the basic operations of computer hardware through a collection of programs. Operating…

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