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Diversity Paper How Diversity Relates to Education Kim Dieter December 7, 2012 How Diversity Relates to Education In the general education system, it is very important that there is a wide array of diverse groups in the classroom. “It is important to have a diverse student body, not only to create a realistic setting but also to encourage people to grow outside their boundaries and learn something new about a culture they may not be familiar with.” (Pendulum 1) I believe

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The concept of diversity encompasses acceptance and respect, it means understanding each student in the classroom is unique and recognizing their individual differences. “Children exposed to diverse cultures in the classroom learn to understand different points of view, which is an important part of education” (Canadian Teachers 1). Children learn to celebrate differences and learn how to work together to be successful.

If teachers are accepting of students differences they will be able to look at students for their potential instead of with a bias in mind, and this will help them teach more successfully. As a future teacher, I think it is important to create a tolerant, accepting and caring classroom atmosphere and here are a couple things one can do as a teacher to incorporate diversity in the classroom. By discussing diversity, and why it is a positive thing, creating lesson plans that discuss the cultures of my students and cultures of the community I teach in, by discussing religious beliefs of the community, and by speaking to students about disabilities and at risk students will help children in my class realize that these differences do not make someone less than them. I would also teach students about socioeconomic issues and how they affect students, and will teach the differences in gender and about gender stereotypes. I will teach these stereotypes but allow both boys
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