How Disney Animations Illustrate Political Propaganda Essay

1792 Words Sep 30th, 2016 8 Pages
Once upon a time a young girl, influenced through several Disney princesses, realized that she was never going to have the happily ever after she always dreamed of. She’ll never have the guy who treats her right, instead she gets the guy who hits her while he’s drunk, and a mother fighting for her life in a hospital bed. Yet she continues to pray for her happy ending day after day, year after year. She begins to hate the stories that made her dream that made her feel special. Every day she falls further into a black hole where her life gets more and more worthless. How is she expected to live in a cruel world with the knowledge that everyone is going to live happily ever after? How is she expected to cope with the heartache she was never prepared for as a child? How is she expected to live in pain? The culture displayed in Disney’s movies are affecting girls everywhere and not preparing them for reality. This essay is written to prove three things; Disney animations illustrate political propaganda, Disney discriminates against other cultures and races, and how different cultures and stereotypes presented, affect younger minds. Disney creates movies to push its audience to a particular political and cultural stance; therefore, Disney should refrain from including these aspects in their animations. Long ago, a young child cuddled up with her daddy, and watched Disney movies while eating the salty and cheesy popcorn in which covered her small fingers. It was such a peaceful…

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