How Did You Learn For Read And Write? Who Influenced You The Most?

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How did you learn to read and write? Who influenced you the most? Relate what you have read and viewed to your own schooling.
Recalling my early development in reading and writing it provokes thoughts of pure hatred. Until grade three I had slipped through the cracks of an old fashioned Catholic Education system. One of thirty three students, my feelings were not those of a modern day student in a community of responsible learners (Tompkins, Campbell, & Green, 2011, p. 1). My reading and spelling were well below par. In the summer holidays after grade three my father decided to force me to read. While his intentions were true, the delivery of his form of literacy education mimicked those of an army drill sergeant. The initial lessons were hazy. The book titles I cannot recall. It may just be selective memory loss. When I reflect upon this episode of my early literacy education I find it to be similar in many ways to my working life. Like most people I have come across a poor manager who I have learnt more from than a good manager. Having these bad experiences teachers me, what I do not want to do when I get into a position of managing staff or teaching students.

The end of those summer holidays of reading hell, I had not really advanced much. Many aspects of why, are more clear to me now. The learning experience was far from ideal, yet my spoken word was at a level where it needed to be. Snow, Burns and Griffin (1998) argue that language is an important requirement for…

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