Changes In The Medieval Era

In 1954 the world changed. The Medieval era is no longer and the time of the Renaissance had begun. The Renaissance is the time for “rebirth” and “awakening” Many events led to the beginning of what we know as the time of the Renaissance. Due to the developments of towns, inventions such as the printing press, feudalism, and the fall of Constantinople from the Roman Empire, the medieval era concluded and the Renaissance era had commenced.
The printing press is one of the greatest inventions of the medieval era. In Experience Humanaities, Roy Matthew writes:
Hints of changes to come may be glimpsed in survey of the perhaps twenty-eight thousand books, known as incunabula, which were printed before 1500 in nearly three hundred cities and in almost
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People were beginning to take part in investing in themselves. People were beginning to learn about art, sculpture as well as architecture. All of these began to give humans a meaning other than living just for god. Human beings were becoming more intuitive and creative. The inventions of the printing press, the beautiful art, the amazing architecture all changed the middle ages and helped end the medieval era. However, thanks to the fall of Constantinople also had a huge impact on the end of the medieval era and the era of discovery began.
The Fall of Constantinople had a huge impact on the end of the medieval era. The fall came when the ottomans overthrow the byzantine. First this is a huge blow to chirstiandom, which weakened the church helping books become more humanized and not all about religion and god. As well after the fall of Constantinople this opened destroyed several trade routes opening up the sea and the age of exploration and discovery. As it goes on the age of exploration also destroyed power in the church because discovery of new land is against religious teachings. In the feudalism era of
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Once it had struck however, it set Europe on a new path almost totally unrelated to its medieval social post.
Herily has many points on how the black death changes the middle ages, but this shows how it completely sent Europe in a new direction. The plaque is so important because the loss of people meant the loss of business and with the loss of business products accumulate and sellers lost money. With a loss of so much many and so many people the population had come to have a new middle class filled with bankers, traders, and merchants. The people branched away from the church and began to pursue revenue and happiness for themselves,
As one can see it was not a single event that ended the medieval era but lots of little events that changed not only society’s views of the world but the individuals view on themselves as well. The printing press gave us the ability to learn and create knowledge. The fall of Constantinople exhausted the churches power as well as creating opportunity for discovery. Feudilasm…… The end of the hundred year’s war did… Through all of these occurrences one can see how much life had changed from one time period to the next. As seen throughout the end of the medieval era the renaissance brought on a rebirth of a new more creative nation and an awakening to the human mind. Although these were not the only events that helped lead to the

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