How Did The Nazi Empire Have To Achieve In Europe

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For this reason, The Nazi Empire and Germany's victories in Europe, Nazi Empire created glowing images of a new European order based on “equal chances” for all nations and an integrated economic community. This was not Adolf Hitler conception of a European new order. Adolf Hitler saw that that Europe had conquered back Germany with full power and dominating everything. Only the Germans, he once said, “can really organize Europe.” The Nazi Empire stretched across continental Europe from the English Channel in the West to the outskirts of Moscow in the East. The Nazi Empire wasn't very organized systematically or governed efficiently. The Nazi Empire had to do some arrangements because they weren't in good conditions to lead forward against other states. Some …show more content…
Those states didn't wanted to get involved in any conflict with Germany because they had allies with new things and were Powerful again. Germany allies Italy, Romania, Bulgaria, Hungary and Finland kept their independence but found themselves increasingly restricted by the Germans as the war progressed. The remainder of Europe was largely organized in one of two ways. In some areas, such as western Poland, were directly annexed by Nazi Germany and made them into German provinces. rmany was mostly occupied by German Military or civilian officials, combined with varying degrees of indirect control from collaborationist regimes. Competing lines of authority by different offices in occupied Europe made German occupation inefficient.

Also, Racial considerations played an important role in a how conquered people were treated in the Nazi New Order. “ National Socialism will use its own revolution for establishing of a new world order.” The German civil administrations were established in Norway. Denmark, and the Netherlands because the Nazis considered their Aryan, racially

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