How Did The Enlightenment Influence The American Revolution

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Did you know that the key ideas and thoughts from Enlightenment built a solid foundation that paved the way for the American Revolution and to all of the things that make our country what is today? Courage, bravery, freedom, power, and happiness are just some of the things that were sparked during the Enlightenment that carried over into the United States. The Enlightenment, also known as the Age of Reason, was period of a philosophical movement, that changed the way people thought and reasoned, enforced liberty, along with many other influential topics and ideas. The concepts that were to arise in the Enlightenment time were to further influence the American Revolution, along with many other revolutions and constitutions in America. The American …show more content…
Philosophes like Montesquieu and Locke were both prime people whose ideas and opinions influenced the Enlightenment, which then led to effecting and impacting the American Revolution dramatically. Based upon the Enlightenment, the values of liberty, freedom, a new form of government, power of the people and or government and protecting natural rights were all put into play. Because of people like Thomas Jefferson, who made brave steps and decisions in creating a government, it is still intact, more that 200 years later. Without the central ideas and figures of the Enlightenment, the United States would be drastically different, considering that the concepts and ideas of the Enlightenment time shaped the country into what it is today. In all aspects of life, our country was affected by the Enlightenment and many key figures from American history were greatly influenced as well. Therefore, the time of the Enlightenment had major effects and influence on the American Revolution and our country

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