How Did The Civil War Change America? Essay

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On April 26, 1865, nearly 90,000 soldiers had surrendered under Joseph E. Johnston in The Army of Tennessee; they had surrendered to Major General William T. Sherman. It became the largest surrender of the Confederate forces in the war, thus, essentially bringing the American Civil War to an end (Macpherson 1). So, how did the Civil War change America? The Civil War is an important and vital piece of American History that everyone should know about, also become aware on how it changed the way we live our lives today in America.
In January 1861, there were 34 states in America, 7 of which were slave states. The civil war started because of growing tensions and differences of those seven states; they became The Confederate States of America. These states included: South Carolina, Mississippi, Florida, Alabama, Georgia, Louisiana, and Texas. Also, by late spring of 1861, the Confederacy later included North Carolina, Tennessee, Virginia, and Arkansas. Tensions rose more in the next few months, finally in April 1861, War broke out at Fort Sumter in Charleston South Carolina (Macpherson 1). On April 12th, Confederate shots were fired at a fleet that was ordered to resupply Fort Sumter by President Abraham Lincoln. The states that did not secede later became known as The Union States, the Union from the get go had the upper hand in the war but also, so did the Confederacy. The Union had advantages such as population, railroad construction, and manufacturing loaded weapons. While…

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