How Did Mayella Ewell Get Power In To Kill A Mockingbird

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In the 1930’s many things separated people including class, race, and gender. In “ To Kill a Mockingbird” Mayella Ewell, a perfect southern lady, who lacked power. The main reason she had no power was because of her class. The men were supposed to protect the ladies but in this situation that was a negative for Mayella. Mayella had an advantage because of her race, and Jim Crow Laws. Although she had that small advantage she did not gain power. Mayella had no say during the trial. Mayella was a white woman, who was supposedly raped by a black man named Tom Robinson. Race was a huge source of controversy during this time period. Mayella’s father pretended to be upset about it although he was the one that really raped her. During the trial Mayella got a chance to speak but she knew if she told the truth her dad would be very upset with her. In the article it states that when Mayella was talking her father was giving her intimidating looks. (Doc B 1; Chapter 18 Page 15) Mayella knew that there was no way she could tell what really happened. …show more content…
“Maycomb’s Ewells lived behind the town garbage dump in what was once a negro cabin… Its windows were merely open spaces in the walls .... What passed for a fence was bits, of tree limbs, broomsticks and tool shafts…” (DBQ Is Mayella powerful 19 Doc A1) This quotes explains how the Ewell’s really had to live, it wasn’t an easy life for them. Mayella’s father didn’t take the case very serious until Atticus started hinting that it could have been Bob that really raped Mayella because the evidence were not adding up. This was the turning point of the

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