How Did Ideology Fuel the Vietnam War? Essay

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Timothy Oduwole
Grade 12. How did ideology fuel the Vietnam War?
The Vietnam War was a battleground for opposing ideologies, a proxy war, and a holdover from the Second World War and the prewar conflicts. This escalated tensions between opposing the 2 opposing ideologiesof the world Capitalism held by America and the western world and communism held by the Soviets and Chinese
The French had been a colonial ruling power in Indochina which comprised of what was to be Vietnam, Laos, and Cambodia in the 1800s.France regained control of the region after the Japanese were defeated in the Second World War. In an attempt to regain to national pride after a demoralizing second world war in which French nationalism was dealt a great blow.
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By 1966, there were almost half a million US troops in Vietnam fighting against the North Vietnamese. Over a million Vietnamese civilians and 58 000 US soldiers died during the war. The war resulted in the communist north––which received weapons and supplies from the Soviet Union and communist China––taking control of all of Vietnam in 1975. That conclusion would have been reached once the free elections had taken place without the bloodshed. The Nationalistic Ideology of Ho Chi Minh having been affronted by the American led International response and the American fear of the communistic Ideology. The Chinese war exertions fueling the war by supplying and almost single handedly keeping the North Vietnamese alive in the spirit of keeping alive their ideological brothers alive. The United States of America loosing 58000 men and billions of dollars in order to assuage keep alive their propagated ideology that suited their needs economically and giving them power geopolitically by allowing their business to take over in the country giving them leverage over the countries government while enriching themselves. All these points have to do with ideologies and how it helped fuel the war.
The Vietnam war was one that was stoked heavily by the extreme Ideological differences by all parties whether it be a nationalistic ideology or a socio-economic one as displayed by the

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