Why Did Hitler Take Over Poland Analysis

Hitler lived by this famous quote that he wrote in Mein Kampf , “Germany must be a world power, or there will be no Germany.” Hitler always had this sense of taking over Germany but it’s not so clear as to if he intended a World War. Did he just want to take over Poland, or did he simply just want to take some land for Germany? Ever since Germany’s huge defeat during World War I, and Germany’s weak government, the Weimar Republic, wasn’t doing well. This allowed room for some changes, and the rise of a potential new leader, and so, things began to change in January of 1933, when Hitler was first appointed chancellor over the German government. Hitler promised the German people a better life, and more opportunities, and appealed to everyone …show more content…
He seems to be on the same page as Taylor and agrees with most of what he has to say. Like Taylor, he thinks that Hitler didn’t want to start a World War, and thinks it was rather a miscalculation. He also says how Hitler wanted to expand the German territory and would need to invade Poland in order to do so. Hitler also said that by invading Poland, it will be beneficial for the German economy. Overy said that Germany had communication problems between the Poland forces and the Western forces, which shows how the Western forces would refuse to provide Poland with armaments. From here, Hitler realized that the Western powers had no intentions of going to war against the Germans whatsoever (Overy, 78). According to Overy, he thinks that Hitler’s invasion, was not supposed to last so long or turn into a massive world war, because Hitler didn’t want to hurt the economy. Many people have tried to warn Hitler of the possible outcomes that can occur because of this war, but Hitler didn’t seem to care of what they had to say and even said so in one of his speeches on August 31, 1939. Overy adds that the war was brought by not only Hitler alone, but by making instability in the international system. Some other causes for the war was the rise of nationalism, empire building and industrial power. The first World War was supposed to solve these issues but it didn’t work out so well. Britain and France had involved themselves in the war by rearranging Europe after their victory in the First World War. This first World War weakened the two, and they were weak in economic states and were faced by many states and other forces. They decided to fight in the second world war, because they felt that they needed to keep up their status and the reputation. Hitler knew that his army wasn’t well prepared but knew that their armies were way worse, and so when Hitler would

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