How Did Galileo Contribute To Scientific Advancement

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ways of the church. He stated, “It surely is harmful to souls to make it heresy to believe what is proved.” He was ultimately confined to house arrest towards the end of his life. Galileo is responsible for developing modern astronomy. He enlightened many people during the Renaissance in Italy, and he continues to enlighten all of us today. He caused major advancements in science during the Renaissance and created an easier way of thinking. Although the task was very hard and nobody believed him at first, he really did change our history and the way humans think. The Renaissance was a time Galileo proved his theory was right and the universe did not revolve around the Earth. Not only did Galileo see that the Earth revolved around the Sun, …show more content…
After the Renaissance, he has enlightened us to think more and change the way we see certain things. Not everything is true, unless there is proof. The Renaissance was truly a changing period in history, because without this, who knows what we would be thinking by now. Now that we are informed that we live in a heliocentric universe, other scientists could be experimenting right now and attempting to be the next Galileo Galilei. Now, people do not trust what they are told, but they required scientific proof before they start believing. Galileo has made a number of inventions that has further contributed to the advancement of the sciences. Now he is considered the father of modern science. Galileo helped Isaac Newton create further advancements in mathematics and science. He has showed everyone how experimentation would be carried out in the future. Galileo proved things that seemed impossible back then, just like what modern people do today. He had a sense of exploring new things that inspire many people to this day. He has taught us that you should never give up and always stay curious, even if society turns their back on you. The way that he looked at the world is passed on to people today and will continue for

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