How Did Christopher Columbus Changed America

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Americans have changed quite a lot throughout the years, it was not always as simple as it is today. Diseases were not easy to cure and they were not rapidly treated as they are today. They gained a lot of assistance to treat these illnesses. However, when America was first introduced to these diseases they were easily spread and they were not so simple to cure. Christopher Columbus discovered America and he brought some Europeans over along with himself, but some diseases were also brought over which was spread quickly causing the death of many natives. During the years 1492 through 1502 Christopher Columbus went on an adventure to explore the world to find a new water route west from Europe to Asia, he failed, instead he encountered Native …show more content…
When he first set foot on what is now called America he saw some Native Americans but since he thought he was in India he called them Indians. Europeans were not known for their religious tolerance some the day before Columbus left Spain, all of the Jews in Spain were forced to leave. When Columbus was preparing to embark on his journey to India 30,000 people of the Jewish religion were burned at the stake since they did not agree to convert to Catholicism. The first Native Americans to encounter the Spanish were the Tainos. Columbus recorded in his diary that the Natives would easily be made Christians because it seemed as if they had no religion they believed in. The names of these natives that Christopher Columbus encountered was the Arawak Tribe of the Bahamas. Columbus had tried to change their perspective on the world by introducing them to new crops, various ways of building, and cattle. Those were all the positive aspects of the Europeans coming to the New World. A negative aspect that is controversial is how the Europeans brought diseases to the New World. The Native Americans were people who were not modernized, the did not have to make medicine. All they did was pray for their tribe members to get better and do rituals for them to be healthy once again. When the Europeans came they realized that they were the reason their people were getting sick and dieing. Europeans were introduced to at least one important disease from the Americas which was called sylphs but far more Old World pathogens were introduced to the Americas than vice versa. There are several reasons for this imbalance. European agriculturalists lived in closer proximity to disease vectors than did most Native Americans. A number of important diseases started with pigs, fowl, and so on before making the leap to humans. America had fewer cattle than Europe, and so there were fewer candidates for

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