Essay on How Did Aztecs View The Afterlife And Its Significance?

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Literature Review
How did Aztecs view the afterlife and its significance? What would one’s journey entail? Could you change your afterlife by living a certain way? The Aztecs strongly believed in an afterlife. It was believed that the way you died decided how your afterlife would go, not the way you lived. “They are not places of bliss or damnation, merely multiple levels of existence divided in purpose.” In a normal death, (specify normal), you would go through the nine levels hell; in the ninth you would (cease to exist?/ serve for eternity).
Ever wondered what Aztecs were anticipating the moment they were about to die? THESIS: Aztec afterlife was not seen as death but just as another level of consciousness and existence, and learning about Aztec beliefs on death and the afterlife is the most important way to shed light on the world 's most powerful Pre-Columbian society because death was found everywhere in their daily lives.
I’ll analyze the different worlds you can live in after you die, per Aztec belief. Aiding me in my search for clarity will be the Codex Borgia and a statue of the pre-Columbian deity, the Aztec god of death himself. In Aztec afterlife, you had three options of paths to follow. Option one: you go to Mictlan, or what Westerners call Hell, which entails a journey through the nine levels of Mictlan, but don’t worry, you’ll have a “soul companion” to keep from getting lonely. At the ninth level, you meet the god of death.
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