How Did Adolf Hitler Cause Ww2

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“Strength lies not in defense but in attack,” Adolf Hitler proclaimed (BrainyQuoteAdolf Hitler Quotes, n.d., para. 3Adolf Hitler quote). Hitler believed and achieved these words. By following through with this proclamation, he was able to initiate World War II. The Germans were highly agitated after World War I, and that caused them to assail many surrounding countries. The German people started World War II because the Treaty of Versailles left them bitter, Adolf Hitler wanted more power than he had, and he wanted to destroy all Jewish people. First, the Treaty of Versailles left bitterness in Germany. The Germans were angry about everything they had to give up so that other countries could have peace. The Germans were given an enormous debt to pay so that they would not be a threat right after World War I (United States Holocaust Memorial Museum, n.d., Treaty of Versailles 1919, para. 6 and 12). Already in debt, Germany was made to pay even …show more content…
He believed that killing the Jews would help win the war ( Staff, 2009, Adolf Hitler para. 13). He felt Jews were inferior and were harming society; therefore, they had to be exterminated. Jews were blamed for many things including losing World War I (Anne Frank House, n.d., Why Adolf Hitler hated Jews, para. 3 and 6). Since Jews were so despised, many anti-semitic laws were put in place to control day-to-day life. For example, limits were placed on how many Jewish people could attend a school or work someplace. Even some of their licenses were revoked. Hitler boycotted all Jewish businesses in support of the laws ( editors, n.d., Adolf Hitler, para, 17 and 18). Many people thought that Jews were damaging to society so they had to be obliterated (Anne FrankHouse, n.d., Why Adolf Hitler hated Jews, para. 5). In summation, Hitler wanted all of the Jewish people to be annihilated so they would no longer be a

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