Essay about How Cyber Bullying Is Heard Throughout The Entire World

818 Words May 19th, 2016 4 Pages
Cyber bullying is heard throughout the entire world, it is up to our generation to change it. We are the change for the future, and we need to start now. All these kids killing themselves, harming themselves, and also keep it to themselves. These kids do not go out for help, because they fear the outside world. Now it’s time for the outside world to reach out to the kids who need help. The kids whom are getting cyberbullied, need the help, it 's up to us to help them. The book Switch by Chip Heath and Dan Heath, has gave me ideas and ways to help these kids.

Us, our generation, need to start thinking of ways we could help these kids and their families. This issue is more than just the people, it’s also the situation and circumstance. We, not only need to help the victim of cyberbullying, but also the person harming the victim. These people harm others through the internet because they are not happy with who they are, or possible where they stand in their family. We can not just talk to these people and ask them to change, we need to make the change. All together, we should reach out and find these kids who are bullying others through the internet: guide them, show them what is the effect of the cyberbullying. Direct the Rider as Heaths’ says, would be considering getting children more involved. For example, in a classroom, do more group work that helps children interact. In brief, let them socially interact more often. Then again, keep parent involved as well. Getting…

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