Essay on How Consumerism Is Shaping People 's Lives

851 Words Nov 7th, 2016 4 Pages
“Waiguoren” and occasionally in a hush tone “Laowai,” from a few annoyed costumers, are two terms uttered every so often while interning at Hotwind, a widely-known fashion store in Shanghai. As the semester forges ahead, my classmates and I are grasping a greater understanding of how consumerism is shaping people’s lives in Shanghai today, through our first-hand perspective working in a Chinese retail outlet. We are fully immersing ourselves in an uncommon and unheard-of working environment for an American college student studying abroad in China. Although this experience is one of a kind, I have gained a great deal from this rich involvement in Chinese society. I have understood something I would not have fully gain if I worked at the regular CET internship sitting in front of a computer in relative silence. My identity as a Waiguoren has been challenged and defined from simply assisting shoppers find the right shoe size. In this paper, I will comprehensively review and synthesize a few thematic scholarly articles in light of my immersion experience working at Hotwind, a popular shopping store in Shanghai. I will make an effort to expound at greater length on the language barrier that affects me habitually, and my identity as a foreigner. I will also mention one of my classmate’s experience as relatively our positions are the complete opposite, since our Chinese proficiency can be located on the two ends of a scale. I am treated with tolerance to a larger degree compared…

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