How Computers Have A Good Computer Security? Essay

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Computers have become a part of our life. They are playing an important role almost in everything such as business, education, banking, medical sector, and so on. However, in order to protect all this information, we really need to have a good computer security. Why computer security is very important in our life? Here we go, Cybercrime is one of the greatest threats that is facing in the United States, and this has become an enormous implications for our national security, economic and so on. Almost every bank is using computers to keep the record of all the money transaction and other calculations. But, some of them are not having a good computer security. This is the reason why most of the computers are being hacked by the theft. And, once the hacker has gained access to computers, they will tend to get all the personal information which is definitely unsafe for us. Although we do not know how to stop this crime, I think we can make at least a small changes which is protecting our data in a correct way. We have to take action to deal with the information security threats. There are many ways to protect our computer from spyware and hackers.
The Soho Internet Highway Code.
Internet Highway Code provides 10 steps to protect our computer security.
• Safeguard your computer. This means to protect our computers against viruses
• Use strong passwords and screen saver. This means a strong password is hard for a person or program to discover. It is difficult to guess or…

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