How Coaches Can Help Players Essay

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All successful coaches have their own beliefs and opinions about what coaching is and how coaches can help players. Some might believe that players, especially young players should not be coached but should be allowed to develop themselves; other coaches believe that players should be nurtured carefully from an early age to avoid the development of bad habits and individual weaknesses.
Your view is probably based on how you were brought up and taught how to play the game of soccer, on your present knowledge and your future expectations. Your coaching is affected by your beliefs, attitudes and motives.
These factors will influence your reasons for wanting to coach and provide the personal, moral and ethical principles that guide you’re coaching.
Will you, for example condone cheating, allow swearing, or punish players for a poor performance? Or will you promote fair play and honesty, and reward effort. Are you more interested in producing winning teams than improving players? You might hold specific views about the relative value of competition and winning. It would be in the best interests of your players to balance the importance of winning with other objectives, for example, development or enjoyment.
There are significant ingredients in the game of soccer, but not possibly as significant for young players as the development of sound technique. If you are unsure about your beliefs, you need to define them because finding out about yourself helps you to outline your…

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