How Clothing Can Express Logos, Pathos, And Ethos Essay

1071 Words Nov 14th, 2015 null Page
In today’s society we encounter a wide variety of different styles in men and women. Everyone dresses in ways that fit their personality; if they are comfortable in the clothing they purchase, trends, or if the clothes we want are in an affordable price range. The way we express ourselves through our wardrobe explains a lot as of whom we are as a person. If I see someone in sneakers, shorts or jeans and a T-shirt, I will assume they are pretty chill. However, if I see a lady in a dress with heels or a guy with a tux, I am going to think they care about their appearance, have money and are important. Everyone has a way of using clothing as an expression; whether it is how we feel, if there is a sentimental feeling behind what we wear, how do we portray ourselves, and how long the clothing will last in the trends. Fashion is all over the world and everywhere we see. Clothing can express logos, pathos, and ethos in different ways although we may not be able to acknowledge it. Since I began attending Texas State University, I have made my everyday attire to be just like everyone else’s: t-shirt, jogging shorts and sneakers. In my closet, I have a lot of clothes that I can relax in and wear casually. I wear my relaxing clothes when I am going to go work out, go to class, or just to wear around the house. Since these clothes are the most easy to move around in and comfortable, they are my “go to” clothing. While working out, I move a lot so I need a lot of clothing that allows…

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