How Children Are Affected By Their Parents Drug Addiction Essay

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Introduction to your topic
I will be describing some stories of children that have been affected by their parent’s choices.
How could a mother or father not have sympathy for their own child? When there are other couples out in the world trying to do their all to have children and it isn’t possible for them.
In Texas 75% of children are abused by their parent’s drug problems. Some couples try their hardest to have children but can not have kids due to medical problems but to know that a high percentage rate of parents abuse their children is very upsetting.
Parents are responsible for their children and to know that they abuse their kids is very disappointing and there is a way I can put a stop to that. There is a lot of different ways to help children and to atleast make a difference in their lives. There will always be at least one little thing to prove to kids that not all people are bad to them, that there is more to life rather than being abused everyday, hour, or even second. I will prove to the kids that I can help that there isn 't just abusive parents in life that they can move up in life. To have a lifestyle where a mother nor father cares about the causes of their child being hurt or upset just shows what this world has come down to now. Other people should have a say in at least helping a child and advising them to just know that there are greater opportunities to also be able to have a better…

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