How Cedaw Is Important For Human Rights Essay

1696 Words Nov 5th, 2015 null Page
According to Ariany (2013, p.537-538), CEDAW is the least respected human rights treaty, since many states parties made their reservations to CEDAW. Bangladesh, Egypt, Iraq, the Kingdom of Bahrain, Kuwait, Libya, Malaysia, Maldives, Morocco and Oman made reservations to CEDAW, due to its contrary to Shari’a. While Algeria, Indonesia, Jordan, Pakistan, Turkey and Yemen made reservations to CEDAW due to religious justifications. And the most reserved article is Article 16 on marriage and family life. In addition to that, Englehart and Miller (2014, p.22-23) explain that CEDAW has small contribution to human rights’ attainment, due to its weak enforcement, compare to other UN human rights treaties. It is like a secondary treaty, compare to civil and political rights treaty. CEDAW, like any other human rights treaties, is notably ambitious. The treaty mandates change in the mind of individuals, private/domestic sphere, and public sphere (institutional, legal, and social). States parties are required to eliminate gender-based stereotypes and provide substantive gender equality. El-Masri (2012, p.937-938) further describes the weaknesses of CEDAW, which are: (i) it is weak on formulating states parties’ obligations and vague on the general terminologies, (ii) it is fail to address various women’s violations in Third World Countries (domestic violence, forced marriage, and female genital circumcision), due to male and Western women’s movement dominated, and (iii) the lack of…

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