How Career Is An Important Part Of Developing A Life Essay

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Career Starting a career is an important part of developing a life. After proceeding through college, most adults are looking for a job that will turn into a career. For most emerging adults, the road to a stable, long-term job is not easy. The average American holds eight different jobs between the ages of 18 and 30 (Arnett, 2016). As individuals reach young adulthood, they must make decisions that will have long term effects on their adult lives. Donald Super formulated a theory of occupational goals that is becoming less and less common throughout different generations. Approaching middle adulthood, studies have found that job satisfaction peaks in middle adulthood (Arnett, 2016). Those in middle adulthood are focusing less on the pay of the job and more on the enjoyment of the work itself. Ending in late adulthood, there is one big decision - to retire. Based on financial considerations, physical health and job satisfaction, it is common for individuals in late adulthood to retire. As I proceeded through my life, I attended college. My parents and I always thought I would study Education, but I soon steered away from that. My interests changed, and I decided to change my major to Applied Social studies. I graduated college with an Applied Social major degree. With this degree, fields like social work, gerontology, athletic training and event planning opened up to me. Immediately following my graduation, I was looking for employment in my field. I had no success, so I…

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