How Can We Raise Our Voice? Essay

1272 Words Apr 7th, 2016 6 Pages
The unspoken
For every cry of help ignored every scream of pain gone unheard these are the unspoken words. How can we raise our voice if we have been silenced claimed by our own insanity. we are lost in our mind trying to find a way out because knowing who we really might be terrifying so we cry for help and yet we go unheard to those who promise I will all ways be there why lie no matter what you do no matter what you say or who you are will change that when you promise something like that you are giving false hope a poison that will hurt worse than you could ever fathom

Glass heart
My heart of glass is strong but not unbreakable and reality is the hammer smashing it again and again just pausing so it can heal so it will hurt just as much as the next crushing blow
To me true happiness is nothing but a wisp smoke visible but intangible taunting me by showing me friends who smile with their hearts while my heart is destroyed with no hope to live no reason to continue in this world of pain and misery for I have lost it all and I’m dead broken
I am never blessed or lucky to find true love someone to hold close because every time I even try I just find myself alone. The one time I felt true love was just a shadow and that has left my life as well. That is what my life is composed of solitude there is no love in the world for me only the cold embrace of loneliness, where I wait for the bittersweet death to take my depressing life until then I write these words…

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