How Can Society Fight Against A Hidden Abuse? Essays

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How would society fight against a supposedly hidden abuse? Many people would prefer to claim ignorance to a negativity before admitting that they are possibly part of the problem. The discrimination against those with disabilities is a good example of society’s willingness to let injustice continue as long as it does not bother them personally. If the hoi polloi chose to become educated about those with disabilities, instead of purposefully remaining in blissful ignorance, they would see how many with disabilities are being stigmatized and abused by other members of society and maybe even themselves.

A mindset that has lasted thousands of years is difficult to erase, but that does not mean it cannot be changed. Stigma was, ironically, a crucial role in the continuation of the human race; in fact, it still is to an extent (Mittan 1). Humanity avoided the crippled, sick, and the unnatural and those related to them as an act of self-defense in case the affliction was somehow contagious. While we now understand that many disabilities are not a contagion, human nature is hard to overcome (Mittan 1). Even if we don’t realize it, we tend to avoid the girl with down syndrome, or avoid eye contact with the man with the disfigured face. There are those who argue that the hesitance is simply a lack of understanding of how one should act, and this is true for many cases. Let’s say you met your cousin, Jeff who has cerebral palsy, for the first time and you were unsure of what to do.…

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