How Can Save A Life? Essay

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How to save a life. What comes to mind when you think of that phrase? For some it might be ways of keeping someone alive and for a few it might even be the most popular song by The Fray. No matter what you thought of, the fat is that there is no se definition of “how to save a life”. For us students, teenagers, youth, it feels almost impossible to be thinking of ways to save a life with such little experience but, I’m glad to tell you that there is a way. There is way to beat this impossible. There is way to do something. There is a way you can save a life. It’s something we all were born with and have plenty enough to give away, your blood. Blood donation not only benefits yourself and others in need but, it also helps advance research being done on it.

“The finest gesture one could make is to save a life by donating blood” This specifically tells us all what we could accomplish by donating our blood, and this is by saving someones life. In the beginning, blood was only used for blood transfusions to save he sick and even with all the new found uses for blood discovered over the years, it still is the number one use. Blood transfusions are most commonly done before, during, and after surgeries of people who have experienced extreme trauma. Danielle, a women who regularly donated her blood was in a serious car accident in 1998, were she needed many blood transfusions to keep her alive. When people experience extreme trauma, they generally lose a lot of blood from…

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