How Can People Best Cope With Technology Overload? Essay

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According to The Overflowing Brain: Information Overload and the Limits of Working Memory, “As the pace of technological change accelerates, we are increasingly experiencing a state of information overload. Statistics show that we are interrupted every three minutes during the course of the work day. Multitasking between email, cell-phone, text messages, and four or five websites while listening to an iPod forces the brain to process more and more information at greater and greater speeds.” The author seems to think that our brains will evolve in the future and soon be able to out think computers – what a concept! How Can People Best Cope with Technology Overload?
The purpose of technology is to enhance our way of life. It should make things easier. Even simple things like flicking off a light switch be accomplished from your smartphone. Sounds really awesome, right? Well. What happens when we become too dependent on technology? In this paper, I will discuss several topics: what is technology overload, what are its effects, and what are the best ways to cope with or without.
What is technology overload?
The term “technology overload” sounded to me like too many devices plugged in at once. However, as defined by, technology overload is an excessive amount of technology related devices in your life. The question then becomes how many is too many? Having multiple devices is a necessity for most people. Depending on the type of job or career you have, you may need…

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