How Can I Build A Foundation Of Critical Thinking And Writing Skills

954 Words Dec 9th, 2016 4 Pages
Before starting the English 111, every student was aware of the expected goals intended. Within the syllabus, a certain set of goals were made aware, and it was the instructors intention to make sure each student met these to the best of their ability. As it states just before the listed items, it is explained that “...this course is to help you build a foundation of critical thinking and writing skills that will be useful to you in college and beyond”. This was fundamental throughout the entire course. At the beginning of the course, I had a particular perspective on how to analyze pieces of writing, and felt as if I had an acceptable understanding of the writing process. Although this appeared true at first; it definitely wasn’t. Fortunately, after writing multiple essays throughout the course, I found myself developing on some of these techniques, and incorporating them into my writing. Since then, I have found improvement in my own writing skills, drafts, revisions, and overall fabrication of the writing. These types of skills were something learned throughout each paper assignment, and each became more recognizable as time went on. Looking back at the papers written, it seems that there was always room for improvement, but also signs of significant progress. Therefore, using three previous essays of my own, the evidence I have included should reveal improvements by using analytical examinations, revision processes, and learning how to address the given audience.

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