How Can Conflict Benefit An Organization? Essay

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1. How can conflict benefit an organization?
One of the possible ways that conflict can benefit your organization is that it creates engagement with the employees. An additional way that conflict can benefit your company is that it helps employees stay focused on the task at hand. The conflict could help your business by improving your employee relationships. When employees are permitted to express freely and not shy away from conflict; it can improve their morale. Lastly, conflict can improve the quality of ideas that are at the end of the day produced by the business.
2. What is conflict management?
It is a method of identifying and resolving conflicts in a reasonable, equitable, competent manner.
3. When should you avoid conflict? When should you seek compromise?
You should avoid conflict that is trivial because it can improve your overall supervisory practicality and your conflict management skills in particular. You should seek compromise when involves interpersonal conflicts.
4. What is a devil’s advocate? How does a devil’s advocate produce conflict in a department? A devil’s advocate is a person who intentionally presents arguments that run counter to those purposed by the majority or against current practices.
5. Can an organization be free from politics? Explain.
It is probable but highly unlikely for an organization to be free from politics because organizations consist of individuals and groups with different values, goals, and interest; This sets up the…

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