How Can An Individual Develop A Sense Of Who They Are? Identity?

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The Crises to Find Commitment
How can an individual develop a sense of who they are? Identity crisis, a term created by renowned psychologist Eric Erikson, stands a cycle of time used for the analysis of ourselves and searching for our true values and path for our identity. Psychologist James Marcia expanded on Erikson’s self-identity work and “believed that certain situations and events (called "crises") serve as catalysts prompting movement along this continuum and through the various identity statuses” (Oswalt, 2010). However, while a fair percentage of individuals experience this process of crisis and self-realization, not every person goes through a crisis or has a set idea of the role they wish to play in their lives. There are four statuses of identity that a person, depending on fluctuating conditions within their lives, can progress through: identity achievement, identity moratorium, identity foreclosure, and identity diffusion. Each of these statuses depends on the presence, or absence, of a crisis, in conjunction with or without a commitment.
Each Identity status has its own meaning with respect to a person’s personal experience. To effectively explain these statuses, I will employ religion as my illustration. Numerous people face a crisis when it comes to the family values surrounding religion. A large portion of society holds religion to a very high standard and within the family dynamics this can either offer a person momentum to follow their families track…

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