How Binge Drinking Is A Public Health Issue Essay

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How binge drinking is a public health issue
Sexual assaults, dangerous driving, crimes and bad health are often associated with binge drinking. The NIH reported that up to 50% of all sexual assault cases such as rape involve alcohol consumption of either the predator or the victim. predator (NIH, National Institute on Alcohol abuse and Alcoholism.) When an individual is under the influence of alcohol they are less controlled of their bodies, they are less aware of what is happening around them and people are more likely to take advantage of people. Alcohol can make many people sexually aroused and aggressive and therefore more likely to take out a sexual act. Therefore, this is a public health issue because these kinds of offences can cause the victims that are affected to feel socially isolated, paranoid and a lack of self-esteem and confidence.

Costs of binge drinking
Binge drinking can have a negative impact on cost that different public services have to spend and other places to help these binge drinkers. Research conducted by the university of Bath (University of Bath, March 2015) has shown that from the statistics of 2013-2014, the cost that binge drinking was £4.86 billion each year, which is equivalent to £77 per person living in the UK. 8% of A&E admissions are from injuries of binge drinking, this mean that this is an additional 2,504 daily admissions nationally. The amount of road accidents caused by binge drinking is 17%, this is equivalent to 82 additional…

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