How An E Commerce Business Should Be Set Up Essay

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Craft the Content
Our presentation ended up being a hybrid of a time-based and topical structure. Our “tell” presentation was informative, yet we had an order of steps that we created that correlated with the way an e-commerce business should be set up. When crafting the content, we determined what Eduardo and I already knew. We both had experience with selling merchandise online and both make a decent secondary income stream by doing it. With our own knowledge and experience, along with the new knowledge the survey provided for us, we crafted a great message and completed a very informative and useful “tell” presentation.
Our activity in the presentation consisted of a quiz and game after the Q&A. Unfortunately, the class ran out of time and we basically ended up giving away the handmade posters (which I will attach at the end of this reflection paper). We were going to ask the class to name one thing that they learned from the presentation and for the fifth and final poster, we were going to give the poster out to who could Google search an answer the fastest. Although our quiz failed because of the time, we didn’t see any other groups try that idea. For the Q&A, Eduardo and I knew that we would be the ones answering the questions. We decided to answer questions at the end of the presentation not only because it’s a norm at UTD, but because we wanted to control the schedule and flow of the information.
Design your Visuals
Designing and presenting our visuals was probably…

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