Essay on How All Living Beings Experience Life

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16. HOW All Living Beings Experience Life - ‘move’ or ‘role’ through Life?
• One cannot conceive structural mental configuration of a Living Being without constituting DESIRE to LIVE or EXIST. Therefore, ‘PRIME DESIRE’ is the essential link between ‘I’ & ‘The ‘Creative Power’ within a Living Being. The Primordial Desire is through the Mother Energy connected with The Basic Energies of The Universe, in other words, “through the Primordial Desire the ‘I’ is rooted in Matter and Matter is rooted in the ‘I’. The Primordial Desire is the first form of Energy through which the presence and Existence of the ‘I’ can be recognized.” (Quote from ‘LIVETS BOG’ Vol II, chapter #530)
• A Consciousness of a Living Being is Conditioned and Maintained by Desires and from there released WILL. However, there is also a massive space of the individual manifestations which belong to automatic functioning. Per example, the essential part of Habitual Consciousness are autonomous organic body functions such as blood circulation, breathing, digestion, walking etc. That fact DOES NOT in any way ALTER OR DIMINISH THE KEY PRINCIPLE.
• Specifically, Any CREATION Takes Place in Coordinated Power impulse Releases from THE SEXUAL POLES, Talent Kernels, and Mother Energy, all ‘situated’ in Super-Consciousness, figuratively, ‘next’ to do ‘I’. The Released Energy represents the Fine Vibrational ‘Signature Tuning’ into ‘corresponding’ segment of the Plane of Existence within Living Being’s Evolutionary…

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