Essay on How Advertising Affects What You Buy

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How Advertising Affects What You Buy

Catherine Crawford English 1A MW 4-515 Dr. Bergmann November 13, 1994 (Research Paper)


Thesis: Advertising has different effects on consumers, it changes their prospective on what is, and what is not, worth buying, what they buy and when they buy it.

1. How advertisers target a certain background or area for their product, and how they get your attention.

2. What advertisers use to get you to buy their product, such as symbols or slogans.

3. Description of five key points of their strategies; what makes advertisers good or bad.

4. What people used before nylons; what advertising did for the new Nylon
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Advertisers grab your attention with funny, or serious, statements and pictures. They aim at getting you to at least look at their article to see a picture or name of the product they are trying to get you to purchase. Sometimes advertisers use just the product itself trying to get you to notice it, and maybe if you see it in the store you will know what it is.
"Other advertisers have had to seek out the symbols, characters, brands and slogans with which they identify and advertise their product" (Wood 270). The slogans are aimed at being "catchy" so that you will remember them, and keep repeating, so you can remember it, and buy it. Advertising can then be a type of telephone effect, you say it in front of someone else they hear it remember it and start saying it themselves, then they say it to someone else and they remember it, and so on. So word of mouth was a reliable source, as well as the newspapers, radio, and television. "Vocal advertisement came first; visual second,"(Wood 23). There are five creative strategies that advertisers use:

1. Objective (what advertisers should do). 2. Target Audience (who is your consumer). 3. Key consumer benefit (why the consumer should buy you product). 4. Support (reason to believe in that benefit). 5. Tone and Manner (a statement of the product "personality").

(Kenneth, Roman & Mass 3)

With number one the agency that

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