How A Hispanic Homeless Man Was Kicked Out Of An Establishment

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In my previous paper, I mentioned how a Hispanic homeless man was kicked out of an establishment because he was seen as a disturbance. I made a point that he just wanted a place to rest and a slice of pizza. However, one customer started complained, once the vagrant came to her to ask for money. As she was arguing with the homeless man she made a point that homeless people decide to be homeless. And, that just seems like she was blaming the victim; blaming the homeless man for not being to have the same access as we do. In Unpacking the Knapsack of White Privilege, it states that “the myth that democratic choice is equally available to all.” We would believe we live in a America where everyone is held equal but due to intersectionality that is not true. The alteration led to the authorities being called and escorting the man out the store, with no questions asked. The cops didn 't even try to investigate who was in the wrong of the situation; they immediately assumed the homeless man was in the wrong and asked him to leave. This makes me wonder, “why is that”? Is there really a stereotype that homeless people are violent, disruptive, and freeloaders. In How Urban Ethnography Counters Myths about the Poor, the author makes a comment on how “these ideas dehumanize poor people.” In society, I do not think we realize homeless people are people, regardless of their circumstances, they deserve the same respect and rights.
During the whole altercation between the homeless man and…

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