Essay How A Consumer Makes Decisions For Purchase Products

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The goal of this paper is to show how a consumer makes decisions to purchase products, how they may be vulnerable with their decision making and how ethics of marketing to the vulnerable be considered in allowing advertisement. This will also clearly reflect the issues in marketing the persist in in our society today and that is seen in the data showing social and economic inequality, stereotyping being perpetuated in the media and incident in profiling.
Yes, the consumer does have the desire to buy the lowest price product ever create any ethical dilemmas for a consumer. Furthermore, if the consumer worries about the ethical dilemmas. For example, Walmart has lost of customer because they have a bad reputation of treating their employees poorly. Especially companies that has taken their businesses to abroad. These get products that are made by people who are fairly paid and treated. There are people that will only buy locally grown fruits and vegetables to send messages to companies that do not pay a living wage. The biggest effect on companies that are unethical is the power of the buyer and the media. It is a huge issue to a portion of the community. Now there are people that do not care because it does not create for them an ethical dilemma. But the concern is growing and the media really likes to use it to create a story ("Lowest price product ever create any ethical dilemmas for a consumer?" 2011, para. 4).
But to have the desire for a lower price is a driving…

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